Footsteps of John Paul II

Join us on the journey following the footsteps of Saint John Paul II and visit the places dear to His heart, as well as those created so that the world will remember the Blessed Pole who was a Pope.

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Saint John Paul II

John Paul II

Łagiewniki Sanctuary

The footsteps of John Paul II - Sanctuary of Divine Mercy in Krakow

In the footsteps of John Paul II – this is a trip to three places which are of special importance both to the Blessed Pope and millions of Roman Catholics.

Wadowice the birthplace of saint John Paul II and the town where he spent his youth. He visited it several times as a pope, recalling his life as a boy and young man.

Kalwaria Zebrzydowska the destination of thousands of pilgrims who come there every year, both from Poland and other countries. The Sanctuary is one of the important places where  Virgin Mary and Christ Passion are worshipped. It is often referred to as the Polish Jerusalem.

Łagiewniki well known in Poland and abroad because of  the Sanctuary of Gods Mercy. It has become even more popular among catholic pilgrims than the French La Salette. It was visited by saint John Paul II and Benedict XVI. There is also the John Paul II Centre Do Not Be Afraid, that is devoted to his life.

What will the tour be like?..

The trip in the footsteps of saint John Paul II is our unique offer targeted at demanding clients.

Our English-speaking driver will pick you up from the agreed place – a hotel, restaurant etc. and drive you to the place of your destination.

You may also be accompanied by a professional guide, who will take care of you and provide you with all relevant information.

Our offer is fully adapted to your needs, so that our representatives aim at measuring up to your expectations. Choosing our trip, the car and our employees are at your own disposal. All the activities are based on your needs and your demands.

This is an individual trip, and you are the only participant.

Therefore, we can guarantee that all our efforts are focused on your personal needs and plans and all your personal wishes will be fulfilled. This makes it possible to adjust both the program and the time to your individual expectations. The program may be modified whenever necessary.

After the trip is over, you will be taken to the desired place.

The unique character of our offer makes it possible to combine different attractions of the Region into one trip, so our clients have a unique occasion to visit different places on one day.

The trip “In the footsteps of saint John Paul II” can be combined with such attractions as: the Salt Mine in Wieliczka, The Museum in Auschwitz-Birkenau, The Sanctuary of the Black Madonna of Częstochowa and many others. The combination of several trips into one will allow you to make the best out of your leisure time along with a competitive price.

In the footsteps of John Paul II Sanctuary in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska
Black Madonna of Częstochowa or Our Lady of Częstochowa
The footsteps of John Paul II - John Paul II Square Wadowice

Our trip “In the footsteps of saint John Paul II” consists of three parts, i.e. a visit to Wadowice Kalwaria Zebrzydowska and Łagiewniki.

The first destination is Wadowice the birthplace of Karol Wojtyla, the Pope John Paul II.

The journey to Wadowice will take around 1 hour, during which you will have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful views, characteristic for Wadowice Foothills and the Skawa Valley. One of the most important places Wadowice is proud of, is the Popes family house where you can see a lot of  family memoires. Then you can visit the Virgin Mary Basilica, where st. JP II was baptized. You will be able to taste the famous cream cakes Popes Kremówki, mentioned several times by the Pope.

From Wadowice you will go to Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, the destination for pilgrimages. The highlight is the Bernardine Monastery, founded 400 years ago.

The Holy Pope visited the monastery several times. There are famous Lord Jesus and Madonna Paths. Their combined length is 5 km. There are 42 chapels modelled upon those in the Holy Land. You can also admire the painting of the Kalwaria Virgin Mary in the Monastery. The monuments are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

On the journey back to Cracow we stop in Łagiewniki, where you can visit the Sanctuary of God Mercy and the Basilica. The holy relics of St. Faustine are exhibited in the Sanctuary. The buildings of the nunnery, where Faustine lived and died, are available for tourists.

The visit to Łagiewniki is the last part of the trip.


  • Individual trip
  • Pick-up from the agreed place
  • Air- conditioned bus
  • Free wi-fi
  • English- speaking driver
  • Journey time: 2 hours
  • Sightseeing time: 4 hours
  • All year-round service
  • We offer the possibility of combining several trips into one customized offer (e.g. Jasna Góra with the Black Madonna, Łagiewniki Sancturay the Wieliczka Salt Mine, the Cracow Old Town, the Jewish Quarter, Shindler Factory)

Max. 2 person


3-5 persons


6-8 persons


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